What Is Beta Alanine ?

Beta-Alanine Amino Acid

Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally. It is part of the petptides anserine and carnosine and of panthothenic acid (Vitamin B 5). It is a precursor of carnosine. Beta-Alanine supplementation has been shown to provide important benefits for athletes, body-builders and serious fitness trainers.

Beta-Alanine has been shown to help decrease fatigue from intense physical activity and to increase muscle development. This supplement can also help boost the total concentration of carnosine in the musculature. Studies have looked at supplementation of doses of four hundred and eight hundred mg administered over periods from one month to ten weeks. In these studies the total increase in intramuscular carnosine was approximately eighty percent.

Beta-alanine can therefore prove beneficial for athletic performance and endurance. By helping to boost the synthesis of carnosine in the body, a factor which helps fight the usual drop of pH that too often occurs within the muscles, this supplement can help stabilize muscle development for serious fitness enthusiasts.

Carnosine functions as an intracellular buffer. It can work to soak up ions of hydrogen that get released in the body during intense physical exertion. Utilizing a beta-Alanine supplement can therefore lessen the symptoms of fatigue and other side-effects of hard cores physical training.

For body builders and other athletes, beta-Alanine has proven very useful in boosting physical performance. Because of its role in muscle development, it can help with faster recovery times and allow for greater training intensity.

When seeking a good beta-Alanine supplement opt for a good quality brand with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. You should always read labels carefully and never exceed recommended amounts. Beta-Alanine can be a terrific addition to your workout supplements, but should be used only as directed.